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Cyndi is the Perfect Addition to Your Event


Cyndi has the innate ability to entertain her audience with laughter, heart warming stories, and her engaging style. While they are enjoying Cyndi's personal stories, she slips in universal truths that will inspire and challenge the heart of her listeners.

Cyndi Inspiring Spritual Growth


Cyndi recognizes that spiritual growth is a journey with its ups and downs and sometimes that hunger to grow needs to be reignited. Not only will her words encourage your group, but her spirit is contagious.

Although Cyndi loves to INSPIRE COURAGE in others, she is open to any theme that fits your retreat, meeting, or gathering.




Without a doubt, customer service is a key factor to building your business. Did you know that customers will choose whether or not to return to your business within 8 seconds of their interaction with your business? That first interaction may be over the phone, or being seated at your restaurant, or an interaction with one of your sales staff.


Bring Cyndi to speak to your employees and let her inspire them to provide excellent customer service. Her history in the service industry and her amazing delivery will take your business to the next level!



You have already identified the leaders in your business, group, or bring in a specialist in leadership, Cyndi Pollard, to inspire them to a higher level of their gift!

Cyndi has spent years in education, leadership organizations, and churches teaching and modeling leadership. She has the skill set and tools to help your leadership team realize their potential.


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