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Inspiring Courage

Courage is the key to the next great moment in your life, and Cyndi specializes in INSPIRING COURAGE! She uses her own hilarious yet poignant personal stories to illustrate timeless and universal truths to motivate her audience towards living a courageous life.


Teaching & Training

Cyndi is a pro when it comes to inspiring your group. Her topics range from spiritual growth to customer service, to employee training seminars. Regardless of the topic her audience always leaves inspired and entertained. Regardless of the size of the group from a small gathering of employees to a large women's retreat, Cyndi's heart-felt style makes everyone in attendance feel like she is speaking just to them.

In The News

Cyndi Served as the MC  for the Longview Chamber of Commerce


Cyndi coaches, using focused conversations to create an environment that results in individual growth, purposeful action, and sustained improvement Blanchard, (2015).

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